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Concepts and Practice


The methods and solutions are the general answers to many problems. These solutions have been tested and and have added significative value to the decision-making and problem-solving processes in multiple organizations: IQEvaluator, IQProjector, IQClassifier, IQExtractor, IQRisk Manager, IQ Process Analyst, IQSelector.

We are Committed to Strengthening Your Organization

Your organization can find in IQAnalytics, using our Research, Expertise and Consulting capabilities, quantitative and qualitative analytics support for improving your decision-making and problem-solving processes. We offer at a glance Corporate Strategic Intelligence Evolution (COSINE) through:

  • Design of Systems for Innovation, Transfer, Creation and Access to Enterprise Knowledge
  • Segmentation Modeling
  • Predictability
  • Enterprise Risk Management ERM
  • Strategic and Operational Risk Analyses
  • Default Estimation and Loss Given Default Analysis
  • Exposure Managemement Analytical Tools Design
  • Early Warning Systems Design and implementation
  • Competitive and Business Intelligence Systems Design and implementation
  • International Trading Intelligence and Knowledge
  • Processes Analysis and Evaluation
  • Pricing, Product Design and Prototyping
  • Enterprise Performance Evaluation and Companies Valuation
  • Service Quality Measurement
  • Direct Marketing Evaluation
  • Promotion Portfolio Evaluation
  • Strategic Scenarios Construction
  • Web Analytics
  • Design of data/information/knowledge Architecture and Systems
  • Surveying and Result Analyses
  • Knowledge Discovery from Data
  • Conceptual Models Creation
  • Customer Knowledge Development/Loyalty Programs
  • Training with Coaching for using the analytical tools and technology
  • We believe in the creation of socio-technical work environments for improving productivity. Analytics is a strategic capability that the organization can have and develop for competing. Analytics work requires information systems support, modeling process for data transformation into knowledge. Analytics refers to the use of statistical tools, operations research and information systems to develop enterprise capacity.Companies are competing to optimize their performance on analytical capabilities, which represents getting access to quantitative expertise, capable technology environment and appropriate data.

    IQAnalytics: Project Examples

    Analytics helps your organization to make decisions based on evidence

  • Flowers growth factors
  • This example is applicable to different plantations. The purpose was to identify the best option for plastic cover for the farm´s greenhouses (critical variable) based on factors such as growth, area,luminosity, temperature and so on.

  • Service Evaluation for ATM's
  • Evaluation of service in new banking is crucial. Customer´s behavior changes according to the needs. The demand for services have different segments and the solutions need to be organized according to these segments. ATM´s service evaluation includes variables that are related to technogy, people´s knowledge of using, adaptation, localization, security etc.

  • Bank Branch Office service
  • This refers to the creation of an information system to feed a service dashboard. In some cases the look of the offece is very important and in other cases the most importnat could be the waiting lanes.

  • Bank risk classification
  • Risk classificatuion is applicable to almost every risk in the organization. The aim of the classification is to identify factors and the likelihood of understanding of how these factors can affect the organization performance. The consecuencies of risk classification are related to marketing strategies and operational tactics.

  • Maximum Probable Loss
  • This is a method to identify what is the effect of risk exposure and loss distribution analyisis in order to know how risks can change the developemnt of the organization.

  • Service queue analysis?
  • What is best way to provide access to services. Human, by phone, by e'mail etc. How to define waiting times and service solutions?

  • Inventory Meat and Eggs Industrial overview
  • This is an aggregate exercise of inventory by industry. This is the simulation, based on statical bases, of the production. Some variables are the most important such as the type of animals and the process of production. There are many interesting businesses associated with aggregate inventory analysis.

  • Pension and benefits transition
  • This is a package of benefits analysis, pesion, work compensation, health, subsidies, maternity leave etc.

  • Disability risk and catastrophic diseases
  • This is the analysis of health insurance for illness that have consequences in the work capacity and the time of treatment and cost is very high

  • Insurance Portfolio Simulation
  • This is a silulation of loss given default function. The methodology is based on the number of claims, defaults and the value of these claims.

  • Training in Analytics capacity
  • Analytics progarma of eight courses for analytics capacity development, including specialized software, statistics, strategy and risk analysis.

  • Forecast in multiple dimensions
  • This is the use of analytical tools to find the forecast of demand, costs, and risk simultaneously.

    Knowledge Tools & Data Management are a priority

    The knowledge tools include technological tools and techniques. There are statistical, modeling and design tools supported by technology. Portals technology, data warehouses, collaboration tools etc. There are techniques such as storytelling, communities of practice that provide environement for knowledge transfer.

    Enterprise Risk Management, Knowledge and Governance

    Management complexity starts in the problem of the holistic view of the organization. Governance requires support from many disiciplines and governance has to addopt models of application. IQAnalytics beliefs in the governance model that identify management as management of knwledge worker and problem solvers under the umbrella of enterprise risk management for reducing the variation of expected results. There is a clear focus on new management for keeping trust of the employees and to reduce risks associated with strategic development.



    The folowing are the organizations that are working with IQAnalytics. We believe in the value creation for the current and future enterprises through synergy and collaboration.

    IBM Centre for Business Analytics Telfer Management School University of Ottawa (Canada)


    We develop projects and programs to support people and organizations in their analytics projects. We pemanently run the Analytics Think-Tank , the International Conference in Analytics and the Executive Education in Analytics

    CQADS School of Mathematics and Statistics Carleton University(Canada)


    Centre of Quantitative Analysis and Decision Support is the initiative of the Faculty of Science and of the School of Mathematics and Statistics at Carleton University with the purpose of supporting the solution of real-world and academic problems.

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    Insureware ERM solution (Australia)


    Insureware is the inventor and disseminator of a new paradigm in long tail liability modelling that facilitates the scientific management of risk and capital.

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    DEA ZONE Enterprise Performance Improvement Solution(UK)


    PIM-DEAsoft V3 Can assess productivity change over time and computes efficiencies under constant, non constant, non increasing and non decreasing returns to scale and it produces Most Productive Scale Size information.

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    Paterson^2 Actuarial Support (Canada)


    Paterson^2 has created decision making frameworks for defining the risk characteristics of Insurance and Reinsurance companies. These frameworks result in better decisions and transfer risks to the counterparties best positioned to understand and assume them. The company designs customized risk transfer products and creates customized, quantitative financial risk models providing impartial advice based solely on the evidence of the analysis and the trading experience of the executives.

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    The Leadership Alliance(Canada)


    e Leadership Alliance Inc. (TLA) was founded in Canada in 1987 based on a collaborative network of uniquely skilled international authorities (TLA Associates). Since its foundation, TLA has established a successful international consulting practice servicing public and private sector organizations globally.

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    Oportunidad Estrategica (Colombia)


    This is the partner for servicing Latin American companies in the field of Strategic design. The experience of the organization and the strong human capital has made them very successful and supporting organizations from government and private sectors.

    CESA (Colombia)


    This is the university that has a focus on Business Administration. CESA was founded in 1975 by Colombian leaders of the private sectors with the purpose of developing the future leaders of the country. 2040 very well reputed professionals the university has delivered to the society and from them more than 250 companies has been created and more than 15.000 employees have been openned.

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    Modeling Process

    The risk modelling process is a mathematical and conceptual process. The mathematical model (Caldwell and Ram 1999) starts from a problem and variables definition, introducing observations, data, description of the relationships among variables (generally equations and basic data models), assumptions (experience-knowledge) and with people’s knowledge produces solutions-outcomes (required knowledge for solving the model) that can be used for the specific problem solution or with additional knowledge applicable to several problems.more



    This is the discipline to think about the chain of data, models, standards, processes, technology and strategies. This is a development of the organization to transform organizatuons to compete in worlds with new players, new economical strcutres, managing supply chains, international financial services etc. This is a new view of the world based on integral, holistic and methodic view of management. more



    There are many common points with positivism in the KM and ERM disciplines. The research in several cases in areas of risk analysis is quantitative and based on data analysis. In KM there are many tools from data base structures, data-mining and statistical modeling that have been implemented based on a positivist research approach. In KM there are different points of view, based on computing or human approaches or a combination of both. In any case the positivism and realism paradigms are influencing the research. more